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"Few novels present Vietnam so thoroughly and completely with its aftershocks. A story of great courage and tremendous power."
- Robert Stone author of Dog Soldiers


"Skillfully weaving into her novel a story of romantic love and a suspenseful account of a mother’s effort to remain united with her child, Cheryl Drake makes a compelling memorable debut."
- Frederick Busch

Readers' Feedback:



"I was very impressed with the authenticity of the Vietnam material. It had the feel of somebody who was there and familiar with the experience of the war. "
- Francis "Bud" McGrath co-chair of the English Department at USM, who served in Vietnam from 1967-68.




" I was really intrigued with Lily, the way you presented all sides of her, the loving mom, humorous with heavy problems. Every detail of her daily life was spelled out and you handled many themes, relationships between mother and child and in adult relationships very well. I wished that I could remember more of your background because it was evident that you have firsthand knowledge of medical procedures.
      What interested me most? I have been thinking a lot about what war does to our service people; I don't know how, after the horrors of war, that anyone can ever return to "normal" (whatever that is) life, the life that others expect. That you put this into the life of a woman, well, I don't think that has ever been done before. Very powerful. "
- Trudy S.Guinee    Poet




" You have done a terrific job with your first published novel. Congratulations ! I noted quite a few major changes from an earlier version which you allowed me to read. The story flowed well, and I found it intriguing to the extent that I finished it in two days. For you, that would be slow reading, but most novels occupy my spare time for a week or two as I am a slow reader. I particularly liked your fresh analogies (metaphors, similes or whatever). Many seemed almost poetic, a technique in prose which appeals to me. I will look forward to your next publication. "
- Lloyd Slocum    Teacher, SMCC.





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